Winter Remodeling Trends

Crank Up the Comfort

Poor insulation and drafty windows and doors can leave your home chilly and lead to higher heating bills. Increase comfort by winterizing your home. You can do this by upgrading your insulation or adding it to un-insulated areas of your home, such as your garage or attic. Also, take the time to add some weather-stripping around drafty doors and caulking around drafty windows. These small projects can make a big difference—especially on the most frigid days.

Upgrade Your Heating

Increase efficiency and home value by replacing your existing forced air heating system with a radiant heating option. This type of heating is built into your flooring and is becoming increasingly popular for use in residential spaces. With radiant heating, you’ll enjoy greater comfort and lower heating bills; plus, with no ductwork required, you can also cut down on issues with allergens and poor air quality in your home.

Replace Old Flooring

Speaking of flooring, if you’re going to install a radiant heating system, you might as well replace your flooring while you’re at it! These days, hardwood flooring has become an extremely popular choice among homeowners, and replacing your existing laminate or carpeting with quality hardwood can not only improve the appeal of your home, but increase its potential value as well. Plus, hardwood flooring is a lot more durable and easier to care for (read: no more carpet stains!) than many other flooring types.

Experienced Professionals

If you decide to take on any home remodeling projects this winter, be sure to scope out the right professionals for the job. Experienced residential construction companies like 360 Construction and Design can help you turn your dreams into a reality!