About Us

Scott Allen (General Manager / Member)

Scott, one of the owners, founders and the General Manager of 360 Construction and Design, LLC, has over 22 years of experience in the residential/commercial construction industry. His extensive construction background in Alaska & Washington State includes insurance restoration, historical restoration, renovations and remodels, additions, custom home construction, ICF home construction, medical and commercial renovation.

Among his significant previous positions, Scott was the President & CEO of KIC Associates. There he was directly responsible for overall company management and under his guidance completed numerous construction projects throughout the State of Alaska. In the years prior to moving to Alaska, Scott headed up the Seattle offices of The Reijnen Company, specializing in high-end custom home construction, additions, remodels and large fire & storm damage restorations and repairs.

Scott is a well-respected professional in the industry and is greatly valued by his clients and staff for his professionalism, attention to detail and his dedication to quality and service that is demonstrated in his overall management of Trailboss Solution’s projects from inception through completion. He has assembled a first-rate team of professionals to help you with your next remodel or construction project and has elevated 360 Construction and Design as your only call for all of your construction, design and remodeling needs.

Jana Seda (Interior / Kitchen & Bath Designer)

Jana has been in the Interior Design industry since 2002.  She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, prior to complete her degree in Interior Design.  Specializing in Kitchen and Bath design, Jana brings a range of practicality and function to her designs.  With over ten years of design experience, she is able to work through challenges with her clients, steering them in a direction that will ultimately leave them not only with a space that is beautiful, fun, timeless and pleasing but an experience that will leave them satisfied.  Jana’s designs have been published multiple times in Alaska Home Magazine and Alaska’s Best Kitchen Magazine.  She has been a Golden Hammer Winner for the Alaska Home Builders Associations Parade of Homes as well as the Grand Prize Winner of Alaska’s Best Kitchen publication.  She is an active member of the Alaska Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and currently sits on the Executive Board, as well as the Anchorage Home Builders Association Care Endowment Board.

Carter Cole (Project Manager)

Carter has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, he has project management experience on industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects. He has managed both large horizontal and vertical construction. He has also severed as a Director of Public Works with an emphasis on government contracts. He has been a mechanical systems designer, construction manager, project manager, and a general contractor. He has performed construction in various extreme conditions and climates as well as Government and private sector contracts. He currently holds a State of Alaska Mechanical Administrator License and Professional CSI Construction Document Technician License.

Our values

These values have been developed to define us as individuals and to give our company direction and purpose. They are the one unchangeable aspect of our character as an organization. In everything we do, our goal is for these values to get full expression and confirmation.

People First

We honor our relationships

We are focused on building strong relationships, both within the company and with everyone with whom we come into contact professionally, and honoring those relationships in our conduct.

We value clear and honest communications

Clear and honest communication based on mutual respect in all our business relationships and with each other is critical to how we work.

We respect individuals

We treat each other with respect and carry that respect into all of our professional relationships.

We are team players

Individual performance matters but it is team performance that defines our success.

All voices are heard

All employees can and should contribute to making our company even better by expressing ideas and concerns.

Constant Improvement

Work is our classroom

Our work is an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. Each person in the company is expected to work continuously to improve skills and to seek out new skills and competencies. We foster an environment that helps people achieve their best.

We don’t just fix problems, we solve them

We are committed to problem-solving at a deep level. We take the time to understand problems and develop solutions that are well thought out and can be well executed. This is fundamental to how we work.

Our standard is constant improvement and innovation

We don’t rest on our achievements. Everything we accomplish today is a stepping stone for what we can accomplish tomorrow. Every method, process, service, and skill is up for review and discussion in pursuit of innovation.

We look for the right challenges

Challenges and calculated risks keep our perspective fresh and ensure our growth and development, both individually and as a company.


We own our mistakes and learn from them

Honesty in admitting mistakes and a willingness to face the consequences isn’t negotiable; it is a matter of character. Mistakes are a valuable source of knowledge and we respect their power to teach.

Our standards of service don’t waiver

We do not change our standards to serve the moment. Our standards of performance and of service are unchangeable.

We keep our word

Whenever we make a commitment we will do everything in our power to keep that commitment. Every resource in the company is available to fulfill the promises we have made.

Honesty and integrity are our strongest assets

Our honesty and integrity cannot be compromised. They are the core of our value system

Craftsmanship and Professionalism

We are a hands-on company

We are committed to direct, personal involvement in all aspects of our work. By being directly involved in the details of our work, we define and control quality from the inside.

We are dedicated to true craftsmanship

Craftsmanship in construction is a fading art that we intend to revive. We are strongly committed to using, sharing and teaching our skills and raising the level of awareness and appreciation of craftsmanship.

We are professionals and conduct ourselves accordingly

Regardless of the conduct of others, our conduct will be consistently professional and will honor our responsibilities. We are a company of highly dedicated individuals that IS 360 Construction and Design TEAM and we are committed to excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our work.