Top 3 Summer Remodeling Projects for Alaska

Top 3 summer projects for your home

Now is the best time to get some remodeling projects done for your home, since Alaska’s short summer is finally here. In the specific Alaskan climate, summer is the best time for your home remodeling projects, when snow is not blowing and the temperatures are warm enough. Here are the top 3 summer remodeling projects:

Building a deck

For Alaskans, adding a composite deck their home is a great investment and statistics show that addition can recoup close to 90% of costs upon resale, which is a figure higher than the national average. But adding a deck is not only about maximizing the reselling price and recovering your investment with a profit.

Because Alaskans have to wait the entire winter to be able to get outside and grill, a deck is much more precious. Building a deck can extend your house’s living space. Any Alaskan would prefer a house with a cozy deck that can be used throughout the summer. This is a worthy and solid addition that will increase your outdoor entertainment opportunities as well as the value of your house. Decks made with Trex and other composite materials are especially attractive for home buyers. Composite decks usually provide a high return on your investment. Today, Trex decks cost almost the same as wood decks, but Trex provides advantages in terms of easy maintenance and care. If you decide to sell your home, if buyers see the word Trex’ on your home sale listing, this will most likely raise the value of your home. It is only natural for people living in the bright Alaskan summers, to look outside of their actual homes when they plan some home renovation projects. They wish to take advantage of any opportunity to spend more time outdoors. For this reason, the deck can quickly become just as important as any other room in a home.

Now, that the short summer is back in Alaska, it is the best time to plan and build your backyard retreat. You can find some stunning deck design trends online or in the specialty magazines. Today decks are no longer just a small place with room only for a lawn chair and a grill. In 2015, the trend in decks is to reach a square footage close to that of the home’s interior. Modern decks feature built in storage and seating as well as multiple levels. It is also trendy to light up your deck by choosing some accent lighting in order to combat the darkness. If you want to feel cozy on chilly summer nights you can also add an outdoor fireplace. This way you will be able to spend as much time as possible on your new deck. You can also add a custom-made, built-in gas grill. If you really want to take outdoor cooking to a whole new level you can have a fully functional kitchen on your deck, complete with refrigerator and cabinets. A pool or a hot tub will add some recreational fun to your new backyard while a fountain can add some soothing sounds to the relaxing atmosphere on your new deck.

Replacing windows

Good insulation of your house is very important in Alaska. Outdated single-panes windows will ramp up your energy bills and drain your heat. A good investment is a double or even triple-pane window. This can make a great update for your Alaskan house and it is a recommended remodeling project for this summer.

You also may replace existing 3-by-5-foot double-hung windows with insulated vinyl windows. Ensure you take accurate measurements first in order to have your new windows fit properly. This precaution will maximize your energy savings and ensure an easy installation as well. It is recommended to take all measurements from inside your home. Use the smallest measurements in order to have the replacement window fit inside your existing window frame.

Energy-efficient windows will not only help savings on the energy bill and retain comfortable temperatures inside, but they can also help to reduce the noise level coming from outdoors as well as with appropriate moisture control. The short Alaskan summer is the best time to consider window upgrades, replacement, and new windows. In the dark Alaskan winter months, large, new windows will brighten your outlook on life.

Garage additions

A shoddy garage door can make a very poor first impression to your guests. Fortunately, you can spend only around $1,500 on a stylish replacement garage door. This can gives you a 76 percent investment return in case that you later decide to sell the house. In case that your house completely lacks a garage, you may consider building a detached model. For a basic 26×26-foot garage, you’ll pay under $49,000 and get a 64 percent return on your investment in case of reselling the house.

A garage addition can add beauty, space, and value to your home. You can also choose to add a new roof line complete with attic storage or completely replace your old garage. Or, you can add interior wall finish for the same midrange two-car garage. You may use three walls and interior wall finish using moisture-resistant drywall on ceiling.

You can install at the rear wall some modular storage systems including lower and upper storage cabinets complete with work surfaces, wall panels, and required task lighting. Provide base molding at the perimeter and trim all doors and windows. Paint all ceilings, trim, and walls and finish cement floor with a slip-resistant epoxy sealer. Statistics shows that in average Alaskans can recoup more than 100 percent of the cost of a garage addition.