The Free Standing Staircase Trend

As open floor plans continue to increase in popularity, so does the preference for free standing stairs. These stairs work well in both residential and commercial properties, maximizing square footage and adding much aesthetic appeal to any space. If you are building a new home or remodeling the one you already live in, you should definitely consider the advantages to be gained by incorporating free standing stairs into your design. Here’s a quick look at the top characteristics of these stairs as well as a few trends that are becoming increasingly popular.

What are Free Standing Stairs?

A set of free standing stairs will have no walls to either side of it or below. The staircase itself looks like it is floating in the air, attached only at the top of the staircase to the floor of the next floor and at the bottom to the floor where the staircase starts. The top benefit of these stairs is that they provide an unobstructed view, allowing any decor to speak for itself.

Top Characteristics of Free Standing Stairs

  • Enable more light to spread throughout a room
  • Provide smooth transition from one floor to the next
  • Seamless installation
  • Accentuate minimalist decor
  • Graceful design that exemplifies precision construction
  • Curved Sorority

Combining both elegance and tradition, the Curved Sorority free standing stairs feature a turned baluster and newels. If you prefer, you can have stained treads and painted grade risers added to enhance the elegance. When it comes to a classic free standing stair that illustrates refinement and sophistication at their finest, the Curved Sorority free standing stairs are an excellent choice.

Tuscan Curved

Another type of curved free standing staircase, the Tuscan Curved is much like the Sorority Staircase except that it has quite a bit of Tuscan flairs added to it. Curved wood stringers combined with beautiful Tuscan iron balusters provide extensive detail to what starts out as such a simple set of stairs.

Contemporary Glass

Even though the Contemporary Glass free standing stairs are often seen in commercial offices, they are great for residential properties as well. These stairs can be added with or without a curve, giving you the option to add them into just about any space. This type of simple staircase comes to life thanks to the glass added to the stairs and handrails, and with so many rail options available, you will find it simple to match your current decor or any of the new decor you are adding during a remodel.

Want to Add a Free Standing Staircase Into Your Home?

It is imperative that you choose an experienced contractor to add free standing staircase into your home. This type of contractor will have the craftsmanship and skills it takes to build your staircase not only correctly the first time around in regards to codes and regulations, but also build it according to your exact needs and preferences.