Choosing a Contractor VS. DIY Projects

Hiring a professional in a DIY world

It’s safe to say that we definitely live in a “DIY” world. Everywhere you look on the Internet, you’ll find tons of jobs and projects that used to be done by professionals but have now been crafted into fun Pinterest projects. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing projects yourself, it has its ups and downs. There are many instances in which it’d be wise to consider hiring a professional, such as with most large home projects.

For example, if you’re looking to completely replace all the counter tops and cabinets in your kitchen, you may want to hire a professional. While doing this yourself is possible, it may not be the best choice. Consider the costs that will go into this project. You may save on costs of labor for hiring someone; however, the materials needed will be numerous and expensive. You’d also have to work on your own personal time schedule, meaning that your kitchen might not be usable for months. Another risk is damaging your home if you attempt an advanced project on your own.

Contractors often receive discounts on materials for construction projects. Despite the fact that you will pay for labor costs, you may save in the long run with a contractor. You can save in time, hassle of researching the right products, and fixing mistakes that a professional would avoid. Often times fixing mistakes costs more than the cost of hiring a professional in the first place!

Some of the major issues that might exceed your level of knowledge could be electric wiring or plumbing. It requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill and materials to perform projects in these two areas. More importantly than the cost or the amount of time it takes is the quality of work that’s completed. When you hire someone who has experience and has been trained to do work you need, you’re more likely to get a finished product that’s exactly what you want. You might think that you understand how to complete a home project, only to find at the end that everything has fallen apart. A professional can help make sure that nothing goes awry in your project.

Why We Love DIY Projects

One of the major reasons why people have been drawn to DIY projects is that is feels good to be able to say that you accomplished something great on your own. It’s impressive, really. Moreover, it’s also a great way to connect with your creative side at times and can be incredibly therapeutic for those who enjoy working with their hands. However, many times the risk is much too high to even consider doing it yourself.

The bottom line is, there are two major components of figuring out when you should hire a contractor or professional:

1. Is the risk of me messing this project up too severe?

2. Will the cost of time and money be too high?

If those answers are a “yes,” then I’d highly suggest looking into hiring a professional rather than starting your own DIY project. At the end of the day, time and quality of work is the most important factor of any project, and a professional can help tremendously in both of those areas.