4 Great Kitchen Upgrades that Won’t Break the Bank

Each month over 6 million Americans tune in to watch professionals fix and renovate homes. They look at these shows for inspiration and ideas. However, in this renovation DIY craze, people are often left with so many ideas but a small construction skill set and even smaller budget. Here are four great kitchen upgrades that will refresh and revive your kitchen!

1. Updating lighting

Lighting is such an important feature in a kitchen. Natural light is important, however in dark Alaskan winters a kitchen must have adequate lighting. Lights under and inside cabinets make a huge difference in making your kitchen look bigger than it is. It helps take away shadows that darken counter-tops and make it hard to see. Can lighting also helps create an even light throughout the entire kitchen. This not only increases visibility of food prep, but also creates a warm and open atmosphere for anyone spending time in your kitchen. Never underestimate the power of lighting.

2. Update Countertops

While this project my cost more up front, it does give your kitchen a huge face-lift. With these dark counters and cabinets, the entire kitchen absorbs light. Adding light counters transforms this small kitchen into a light room that looks larger than it is.

3. Update Flooring

In many older homes, the linoleum in the kitchen has never been updated. Often there is a stark contrast from beautiful hardwood or laminate flooring in the dining room, to heavily patterned boxy linoleum in the kitchen. Consider updating your flooring to create a beautiful transition from your dining area to the kitchen.

4. Add Back splash

Not only does a back splash protect your walls from spills and cooking grease, it also is a beautiful accent to any kitchen. This is a very practical addition to your kitchen renovation. If you need to lighten up your kitchen, consider adding a light colored back splash. It is an inexpensive way to give your room a huge face-lift.